Miriam O'Sullivan | 215-348-3450 

Business man

                                    Miriam has been in the travel business for over 30 years.                                     While specializing in travel to Ireland, which is where      
                                    she grew up, Miriam also creates dream vacations in      
                                    other European countries, including Italy, Spain,
                                    France, and Croatia.  As a frequent traveler herself,
                                    Miriam loves using her personal experience to build  
                                    custom personalized trips for her clients. Whether you're interested in touring the castles of the European country side or enjoying a relaxing Caribbean vacation, Miriam will tailor your travel experience to your interests, passions, and budget. See where Miriam has traveled here.

Lee Ann Richardson | 215-348-8909

                                   After graduating from Penn State with a degree in              
                                   psychology, Lee Ann realized she needed to follow her heart
                                   and pursue a career in the travel industry. She loved the    
                                   idea of helping people plan their vacations and the
                                   fact that on any given day, her mind can be all over the world. Lee Ann curates dream vacations, from short getaways to trips of a lifetime. See where Lee Ann has traveled here.